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Witch / Whisperer

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Witch ~ one who practices earth/elemental reverence

Szeptucha ~ whisperer; one who whispers

This is the name for a healer or witch in the areas of Poland and Slovakia where my great grandparents were born. Predominantly women, Szeptucha would be of service to the local community by way of Orthodox Christian prayer, advice, herbal concoctions, and healing the energetic body with symbolic rites.

Urbanik and Pliska, Vickers and Ostrander, Barton and Murphy… and on it goes back mixing and molding and traveling. Polish, Slovakian, English, German, Scottish, and Irish …and that's only the main lineages of each of my grandparents. Many of us in the world are in the same boat. As generation and generation goes by everything gets more diluted. Especially for those that immigrated, the pressures of fitting in have washed away much of the cultural teachings of our ancestors. There are two places in my family tree where upon moving to the Americas in the 1900's they changed their surnames to something else. Roman is a chosen name, my great grandfather John took up the family's name that he lived with and whose farm he worked on when the census came through. His real name is Jan Urbanik. Then on my mother's side Chrissison to Cushey. That one makes even less sense and has zero information behind it.

This made me very angry in my youth but only sadness remains after the grieving of the lost. The lost culture, lineage, practices, recipes, names… the only thing left is my blood,

my DNA, my epigenetics.

I've learned that things can be accessed by way of resonance.

Have you ever felt your hair stand up, or your chest widen and heart quicken upon seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or feeling something?

We can "communicate" with our ancestors through our own subconscious, which lights us up on a cellular level. Remember time is absolutely NOT linear. Take the journey, do the work, seek the knowledge, and believe in the truths that no one else can attest to but God and your body.

I am a witch, one who whispers and facilitates healing in the name of Jesus Christ. I've sought and found many answers. I'll keep seeking and following the path, and I'll keep living the unique life that God has set forth for me. Every time I've doubted, I've been proven wrong so I'll keep believing in my path and praying often. Inching my way closer and closer to God.

The regular world has not a place for me, no matter how I've tried to make it so. I've always needed to figure things out my own way. That's why I can help people find their own way. I've been hacking the system my whole life. That's why I can't sum it up in an easy 12 step program or an infographic. To try and do so would be an insult to the beautiful organic nature of growth and the process of YOU.

I am a natural, that's the 2 line in human design. I naturally understand things.

I see the patterns, see function, and understand the why's. It's made it very hard to not get distracted on my path. How are you supposed to know what to do with your life if you're good at so many things?! You follow your path and listen for the signs.

Shhhhhhhhh…..and you might just hear a whisper

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