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Pre/Post Op Massage
Lymphatic Drainage

Pre\Post Op Massage can make all the difference with your recovery! 

Hello I'm Carlie, I have 5 years of experience in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Post Op and I am so excited to support you along your journey!


Start off with manual lymphatic drainage before the procedure and help the body be as detoxified as possible heading into surgery. After the procedure I help educate about the body's healing states from my post op experiences, and my research data. Not to mention all the tidbits in between like nutrition support, dry brushing, self massage techniques, compression garment fit, support groups, and much more. 


The first 5 weeks after surgery Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps flush the swelling areas that have been overloaded and keeps tissues free of toxic materials that causes excess pain, bruising, and discomfort. I will also keep a close eye on any areas that are not draining as well using extra focus work or Kinesio Tape to facilitate the flow. If the body continues to have trouble in some areas seromas or fibrosis can form. Fibrosis is akin to scar tissue but underneath the skin. It can cause an uneven skin texture and a feeling of hardness. This can be treated also, and taken care of much faster the earlier it is found. 


After week 5 some contouring agents can be included. Red Light Therapy to help the body with cellular recovery and detoxify, Cupping and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization helps to smooth out any lumps and bumps of unevenness under the skin, and tighten any loose skin (25%) Results vary by individual, every person and everybody is different but I will provide all the information I know of that has shown maximum benefits. It’s up to the individual to undertake. 


During the entire process I am available to answer any questions or give advice about the healing process and when to get a hold of a medical provider if needed. I also find great delight in verbally supporting clients in affirmational ways and encouraging the nervous systems healing states of relaxation through my presence, energy, music, mediations, and breathwork. 


Week 1-5 Pre/Post Op 

Coaching, and support throughout your healing journey. Techniques are client specific. Manual Lymphatic Drainage to clear the bodies detox pathways, Scar Tissue Management, Hot Stone Massage, dynamic cupping, Red Light therapy, and Kinesio taping.

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