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SOMA Breath

from the Rig Vedas to modern practice

The Legend of Soma

There are 8 hymns in the Rig Veda that are dedicated to Soma.

Its praised as a drink that brings you closer to god. Eventually mortal man abuses this gift and its taken back by Indra, at which point man is left to his own devices. It is here that the creation of Yoga, Tantra, Hinduism, and Buddhism are said to stem.

Man had to learn his own path to the divine from inside himself.

Seated Meditation Hands in Mudra
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The Science of SOMA

Using the most effective and scientifically proven Pranayama methods studies have shown wide spread benefits in the body. Everything from repairing the body from oxidative stress, to balancing hormones.

stress management

Daily Dose Meditation

20 minute session designed to deliver the benefits of SOMA Breath and fit perfectly into your every day self care schedule.

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woman dancing on a ocean pier with abandon, rainbow shooting out of her body

Awakening Journey Meditation

Full 60 minute customizable session with intention setting, body warm up, multiple rounds of breathwork and after session integration.

A very deep, clearing, and ecstatic journey for those wishing to take their mind body practice

to the next level.

Want to learn more about SOMA Breath?

Click on the link below to explore trainings and Free Offerings!

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Soma Breath: News
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