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Channeling Tripura Sundari - The Lovely Lalita Devi

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

My encounter with Lalita Tripura Sundari was truly enchanting. Prior to this, I had never even heard of the goddess Lalita. But as fate would have it, there was a song (Craig Pruess and Ananda - Devi Prayer) that had frequently caught my attention, mentioning Lalita Devi, and suddenly, everything fell into place. Goddess Lalita represents the ultimate expression of feminine Shakti, Adi Parashakti. She embodies love, beauty, motherhood, rapture, desire, and play in Hindu culture and the practices of Tantra. She is one of the ten wisdom goddesses, and I stumbled upon her during my studies at Embodied Philosophy, specifically the course on the Tantric Body.

While attending a lecture this morning called The Divine Feminine by Sally Kempton, Swami Durgananda, I found myself utterly captivated by Lalita Devi. Sally's words resonated with me on a deep level, and it dawned on me that Lalita was a part of me all along, although she had forgotten her own name. In a world filled with vibrations and a heightened sensitivity to countless energies, making sense of it all can be challenging.

In Hindu culture, many mistakenly perceive it as polytheistic due to the multitude of deities. In reality, these deities are merely archetypes and vibratory aspects of the one true God. They are divided into manageable subsystems to facilitate connections and prayers.

My recollection of Lalita rekindled a potent aspect of myself that had always been present. My desire for joy, bliss, love, communion, and union in every facet of my life is embodied by Lalita. She is the joyful, loving, and playful facet of Shakti. As the lecture delved deeper into her essence, tears welled up in my eyes, as if I had been reunited with a long-lost friend.

The lecture eventually led us through a meditation to meet Lalita. Before starting the meditation, I took a moment to cleanse my chakras, Earth and divine chords, and my shusumna with Kundalini energy to ensure I was fully aligned and clear. When I resumed the meditation, Sally guided us to a grove on Mt. Meru, where I envisioned myself sitting on the softest green carpet of thick grass and moss.

From the glowing pink-orange sunset emerged Lalita, weaving gracefully through the air in a beautiful rose gold silken dress, with flowing hair and glowing, golden-pink skin. She embraced me like an old friend, a mother, a sister, and a lover, with rosy cheeks and a warm smile. As the meditation progressed, Sally guided me to connect with Lalita's heart space, which felt like a deep opening and expansion that pierced through my body.

We then connected with her third eye, often depicted as a sideways third eye on her forehead. She leaned forward, touching her forehead to mine, creating a profound connection of love and understanding. I could feel her vibrations resonating throughout my entire being. Next, we connected with her root and sacral spaces, which filled my body with a warm, glowing connection, expanding in all directions.

At this point, Lalita began to communicate with me telepathically. I asked her to confirm if the vibration I felt, which I assumed was hers, was indeed the one I was born with. She joyfully confirmed our connection and expressed her happiness at our reunion. I promised to return to her more often and asked her to fill me with her vibrations of unconditional love, rapture, and a quest for truth, which she graciously did.

Then, I asked if she would allow me to speak her language of energy and vibration, to speak her language of light, and she agreed. I'll provide those details below.

As my day started slipping away, I knew I had to prepare for work and nourish my physical body, as she had requested. We bid our farewells, and I promised to return soon, eager to learn her mantras and continue our profound connection.

Hrim Shrim Klim Parameshwari Swaha

“Salutations to the supreme Feminine. May that abundant principle that

hides the nature of ultimate reality be attracted to me.”

Reach out for more information about my channeling and Akashic Records work 1:1 or my group Kundalini Activation Reset sessions. Most benevolent spirits would really love to connect with you, all you need to open your minds eye 👁️

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