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It feels so amazing to see I’m helping people feel better (it’s the best part of my job)

Although it’s easy to wonder sometimes if you’re actually making a difference, when I read the reviews that come in it makes my day!

The first review in particular, and the energetic breakthrough session that we did was what really changed the way I want to offer my work to the world. I'm more than just a massage therapist, and it's about time I start acting like it! We all need to be forthcoming about what our natural gifts and talents are, and chances are that thought scares you to death… One thing that I've learned is that to offer the thing that we hold most dear, our passions, to the world with the chance of possible rejection or failure will keep most people from putting themselves out there.

But that idea is built on emotions and lies because if you are passionate about something you wont give up when some things don't work out, you'll do what humans do, you'll see all the other ways to move forward and continue. Time to break that glass ceiling, because it's just an illusion.

Know that these things are possible for you too. It’s not some far off feeling only

reserved for those “other” people. You are just as worthy and just as capable as everyone else.

If these reviews sound exciting to you and like exactly what you’ve been needing, I have some openings in my schedule in the next few weeks for new clients. When you feel ready to take the next step in your healing journey please feel free to book a visit with me at your convenience in the link in my bio.

And YOU can make a difference in someone else's life today by sharing my work. So hit me with a heart, then hit that share button so your friends can see this too!

Or maybe you have someone in your life who SO needs a little love when it comes to their health but would never do it for themselves? I offer gift cards so you can give the gift of relaxation, pain and stress management. You can click my booking link to get them today…and trust me, they’ll thank you for it when they can start fully enjoying their life again.

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