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Craving Connections: The Dance Between Addiction and The Spiritual Quest

In my youth I once stood distant from both religion and spirituality, trying to find my way in this strange cold world… growing up and understanding how to live in this existence is no small feat. There is great darkness and tragedy in this world and if we are not careful, it can easily crush us just as easily as we could crush a fragile butterfly's wings.

We all have a darkness inside of us... If you haven't met yours to the fullest yet I would recommend that you do it sooner than later. Thoroughly coming to the understanding that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

We search for meaning, safety, pleasure, connection, yearning to be home again… And trying to find that home in the most accessible things, just like the consumerist world likes it.

"Here, have a beer, have a glass of wine, have a smoke, take this pill, play this game, watch this video, why don't you just come home with me tonight… so you aren't so lonely."

But the loneliness that we feel is in our souls, and can only truly be filled with one thing rightly.

Spoiler alert *Mans Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl he states that Love is the meaning of life. That without the love and hope that he felt for his wife that he would not have been able to survive Auschwitz… she was not alive though unfortunately, but he finds it a blessing that he did not learn that fact until after he left.

There is one flaw in Viktors message, man is imperfect, humans are flawed… but God's love is eternal and unconditional.

When an addict seeks that ecstatic bliss and release it is the same feeling that one can achieve through connected energetic oneness of God and the non-dual state of meditation. The state of non being or rather the state of complete unity that one feels in the Quantum field when he is connected to everything. He is everything and nothing all at once, and in light of the perfect love of God.

I found my way back home but it took me 38 years. Being an energyworker made absolutely evident the first time I was in a deep ceremony of healing tearing my insides out, re experiencing my deepest wounds of self (self-worth, self-esteem, and self-image) understanding that I had separated EVEN my real self from my self for over 25 yrs… I asked for forgiveness, I asked for that weight of shame and guilt to be lifted… and it was. I asked for the Christ's salvation and strength and he obliged. It was such a powerful palpable energy that there became absolutely no doubt in my mind that God is Evident. It can be so hard to accept something that is given away so freely, it makes people skeptical… we are Saved by faith alone. Periodt!

I can transmit and connect people to lots of different beautiful energy frequencies, but they have to believe to even give their senses a chance of feeling anything. That can be scary though too… because if you open yourself to feel… that includes pain as well as love.

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Carlie Nagy
Carlie Nagy
Aug 10, 2023

I love your honesty. It is very hard to manage self-growth when there is a lack of resources. I've done most of mine through free resources, borrowing money (credit), and self-introspection, also 🍄😋. Finding good people and community that could give me good free advice not soliciting but just organically. You have to be able to have ears to hear, and the courage to implement as well.


I felt your words in my soul, I can’t say that I 100 percent believe in the “God” so to say but I need this so bad. I’ve tried to reach out to life coaches with no success due to money issues. I am a small farm owner with 4 kids at home currently and 3 others with their other parents at the moment so I couldn’t afford what they asked and of course deserved. But that led me to another dead end, another road block on the journey my soul longs for but seems so out of reach. Conformity and diligence has led me where I am now, just another number doing as I’m told but I’ve always been…

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