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1 - Beauty - Freshness - Entropy

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Destress + Reset / Contemplation 1

Before resting into the meditation check the contraindications HERE

Proceeding with the practice conveys your understanding

1 Entropy-Freshness-Beauty

The ultimate Yang Hexagram that births pure Yin

Heaven upon Heaven

"Embodying the Tao

The Tao that can be trodden is not the enduring and unchanging Tao. The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name.

Conceived of as having no name,

it is the Originator of Heaven and Earth;

it is the mother of all things.

Always without desire we must be found, if it's deep mystery we would sound;

but if desire always within us be, it's outer fringe is all that we shall see.

Under these two aspects, it is really the same;

but as development takes place, it receives the different names.

Together we call them the mystery.

Where the mystery is the deepest, there is the gate of all that is subtle and wonderful."

-Tao Te Ching translated by James Legge


Numbness, zombie like tendencies, disconnection, tiredness, pause, trust this point w detachment.

The awareness of the uncomfortability can push you towards the growth. It just has to be irritating enough to make you want to change.


To make an original and authentic choice to grow out of the entropy, out of the numbers, out of the void and into life.

Midwifing the creative process, be accepting of bringing the unknown to the known. Risk your ego, it will pay off.


Move into the heart of the mystery.

Beauty is one of the 4 great principles of the universe paired w unity. It is the experience of the divine. When you finally relinquish control in the patient process of creation, you open to your authentic moment to bring something new into the world. In this place when you allow to be lead by the divine into the passion and beauty of the process you become one with God and one w all. But then ultimately we need to release it and let it go out into the world on it's own.

Beauty as a divine principle. Beauty is truth, there is only beauty in the masters eyes.

Can I let go of everything?

Can I court the subtle?

Can I accept and help flourish whatever is born in the natural way that it wants to be born and grow?



Intermittent Hypoxic Training, and therefore breath holding to create brief intermittent hypoxia as guided in SOMA Breath, should NOT be practiced in the case of any of the following:

Severe/critical diseases or infections


Organ failure or late-stage terminal illness


Cancer (Exception: your doctor gives you specific permission)

If you have epilepsy, a pacemaker, or irregular heart beat (Exception: your doctor gives you specific permission).

What if I am a person with any of the contraindications?

You will still gain enormous benefits from this course. The rhythmic breathing and visualization techniques will help you tremendously.

Simply stay away from the breath retention unless you are supervised by your health professional.

***DO NOT practice this in water nor while driving or operating any kind of machinery.

Note: It may aggravate Tinnitus however if you breathe softly, this shouldn't be an issue.

Benefits include:

Improves CO2 tolerance and nitric oxide production.

Improves oxygenation of tissue cells.

Reduces tension.

Trains oxygen efficiency.

Improves cardiovascular health.

Trains concentration and meditation.

Stimulates both hemispheres of the brain.

Stimulates neurogenesis and ‘brain change’.

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