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When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears...

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

I don't speak of it often or only to those whom I hold in confidence face to face, ear to ear, breath to breath. My life's work is done on the one-to-one ratio. All of its intricate details, complexities, and thoroughness can only be done when fully immersed within another's field…. And when the field is ready we will be brought together. 6/2 Role Model/Hermit : Steward/Natural "So when you're doing your energy work you pretty much become one with the other in that timeless space. You are very attuned to the energy field of the other and feel resistance in the field and in the individual chakras. With that attunement you are able to assist in releasing stored energy within the overall field and have a way of activating past traumatic memories that are no longer serving us but only making us feel heavy by holding onto them. With your gifts you help shine light on things that have been in the darkness and out of sight." -H Barnhill The truth is that you cannot reach higher states of consciousness without first passing through your own suffering. But after that time it is wise to make sure that all of those pieces have been removed from your energetic system, and biofield. If this speaks to you and makes your heart race, if it makes your eyes dilate, and you notice that you're holding your breath. It might be time to give me a call. If your eye has been catching on my presence, It might be time to investigate. There's no better time than now, besides the now is the only moment that ever matters. It's the only moment that you can ever change. Being present to anothers magic is always an honor and well worth it. Take time for yourself, listen deeply for truth, and receive exactly what your energy needs.

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