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What is the "Right" Massage For You?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Many of my clients in their first appointment will ask, "What kind of massage is right for me?" The easiest answer to that question... Find a massage therapist that is right for you first then they can help you figure that out!

You have to ask yourself why you are considering massage in your life.

Is it to recover from an injury or surgery?

Is it to help keep you from getting surgery in the first place?

Is it to help you contend with a postural imbalance?

Are you simply in pain and tired of living with it consistently?

Is it to relax and destress from a high intensity environment?

Is it to gain a spiritual experience of the non dual nature?

Or maybe you're interested in the all those feel good chemicals that get released into the blood stream like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine...

Some MT's (massage therapists) can be good at all these things and some just like to focus on one or two. To each their own I say! Whatever floats your boat. Whatever blows your hair back! So if the MT that you are considering doesn't fit the bill to your problems you're trying to solve then search on and make sure to look for the key words that pertain to your needs. Another very important thing to consider is finding somebody that you feel comfortable around or with. The massage table can be a great place of healing but it contains some vulnerability, which is more easily overcome if you can talk freely with your therapist about what's going on for you. I like to tell my clients that a massage session can be a practice in voicing your wants and needs. It's a chance to pull your awareness inwards and consider what living in this beautiful soul vehicle feels like... and how it can feel better. It's not a chance we often have in our everyday lives. Granted it still might take a massage or 2 to get a good flow and comfortability with a new person or place before your brain and body will fully surrender to the process.

SO, my lovely reader, I like to do all the things. I like to do all the things because you can't fix everything with a hammer, the same way you cant help someone feel better with just one way of doing things. This is my passion, the body and helping it feel better. Reducing the amount of "suffering" that one need endure as much as possible and finding all the different ways that I can be of service in this life. Investigating the intricate puzzle and miracle that is YOU.

I'm not for everyone and everyone is not for me. So if you haven't found yourself a regular MT yet or maybe you've outgrown your current massage therapist...

keep looking, it's worth it.

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