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Mobile Therapy

The most convenient self care option!

Intake can be discussed through text, email, phone, or video consult.

Here is an example of a typical mobile massage session.

Once I have arrived and discussed covid safety, a clean 7' x 8' space in your home is all we need! You can choose to provide your own twin sized sheets or I bring my own sanitized sheets. Payment is discussed. I set up my table and sanitize before sheets are put on then we once again clarify sensitivities, areas of concern, and treatment plan. Then I step out into the bathroom and wash my hands while you get situated on the table. Once I return to the area I make myself clear to know you are ready and on the table, then I turn on music, set my insight timer, and begin. 

After the timer bell has rung and the session is over I let you know its time to return fully to the present. That I am leaving the room to wash my hands and to let you dress. Once it's clear that you are ready, I return to gather up the sheets in a plastic bag and clean and sanitize my equipment before packing up. Payment is taken and feedback discussed along with further treatment plans in accordance with my findings. 

Most of my services can be booked as mobile appointments; meditation, coaching, and energywork. We can also meet at a public park or the beach if you really want to change it up!


No one regrets convenient self care.

Do yourself a favor

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