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Thu, Sep 28


Virtual KAR Meditation into Sleep

Virtual KAR Meditation into Sleep

KAR - Kundalini Activation Reset An Energetic Transmission & Multidimensional Meditation

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Virtual KAR Meditation into Sleep
Virtual KAR Meditation into Sleep

Time & Location

Sep 28, 2023, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM CDT

Virtual KAR Meditation into Sleep


About the Event

Group sessions not your thing, or just like privacy to process your journeys? Maybe location or timing has been holding you back?

Energy has been flowing and flowing, I feel like it's such a waste to keep it all to myself! Virtual sessions work just like Distance Reiki or Energywork sessions. We are all connected through the Quantum field.

An Energetic Transmission & MultidimensionalMeditation

A Transformational InnerJourney including:

Quantum Circle Creation

• Intention Setting

• Deep Breathwork Induction

• Sound Medicine Journey

• Kundalini Energy Transmission

Light Language Transmissions

• Shamanic Energy Clearing

• Somatic Release

• Deep Meditation

Followed by drifting off to sleep if youd like!

Experience a level of oneness that will stay with you.

KAR is a powerful energy-healing meditation that activates the movement of life force energy within the body, assists us in transforming our lives and connects us to our heart.

It is a deep and profound experience to enhance your physical and emotional self-awareness by tapping into your life force energy.

KAR ignites the Kundalini awakening process. Kundalini awakening is an integral part of many

spiritual practices and is often considered the highest form of spiritual enlightenment.

In this process, we tap into an immense source of energy within and unlock our full potential.

This then brings about healing, transformation, and greater understanding.

This transformative meditation is a powerful experience that can leave us feeling more connected to ourselves, the universe, and our divine purpose.

Kundalini energy is​ present in all humans and is often referred to as the "life force" or "sacred fire." It is the subtle force that connects us to the universe.

Through KAR, we explore our inner potential and initiate ​an unfolding of awareness that helps remove negative thought patterns, rebalances our chakras, and leads to higher states of consciousness and a deeper understanding of the personal and human experience.

I also channel through various Light Languages or Tongues that are meant specifically for each individual that I work with. They are meant to be listened to through the heart and 3rd Eye, not the human tympanic membranes. It is considered another source of vibrational and sound healing of the highest orders. 

Through our gathering i decree that I am now setting energetic boundaries for this space. Only energies of the light that serve the collective groups highest purpose and are harmless to everyone present are invited and nothing else.

What to Expect on the Mat:

You can witness profound shifts in  awareness, clarity, heightened perception, increased intuition, self-empowerment, deep relaxation, somatic releases, and vivid visual journeys.

Once the body deeply opens up to the energy the body will want to move with that flow.

The voice, and tears sometimes flow too with this opening.

Let it, without judgment.

You can stop the process at any time by opening your eyes or over mentalizing.

Things Needed for a Virtual Session:

- Zoom on your phone or computer (Basic)

- A Quite Place without Interruption

- Headphones

- Eye Cover or Eye Mask to enhance Theta state

- Hydrated but not overly full digestive system (best results from high vibrational/Veg diets and fasting)

- Journal

- Anything else to set your space that would make you feel most comfortable. 

Your participation in this quantum group does not constitute consent to any energy that is not of your highest good to enter the space.

As we finish we disintegrate any energetic ties, cords, and bonds created either in the group consciously or subconsciously calling all of our energies back to ourselves and return any energies that are not our own as we all come back to complete and utter sovereignty.

DM for any additional questions

Cant wait to see you in the Quantum !



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